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Rifthold is the glittering heart of Adarlan's empire. With its towering spires, opulent palaces, and labyrinthine streets, the city pulses with life and intrigue. As a backdrop to political machinations, it becomes a vivid canvas where the threads of power, loyalty, and ambition are intricately woven.
City with moody color as the sun rises across the city skyline
Rifthold at Dawn
A large glass castle in the horizon with a tall bridge leading up to it
The Glass Castle
A rainy city street at night and lights are reflecting on the ground
Rifthold at Night
A notorious pirate haven, a lawless and chaotic port where smugglers, criminals, and adventurers converge. With its gritty atmosphere and clandestine activities, Skull's Bay becomes a pivotal setting for intrigue and danger.
Alley way in a cramped city, in the background are ship sails
Skull's Bay Alleyway
A bay at dusk filled with large ships
Skull's Bay Docks
Rainy coats the city in the evening as a pirate walks down the cobbled street
Skull's Bay Rainy Night
A foreboding, desolate island stronghold controlled by the dark forces threatening the world. It is a place where malevolent magic and sinister experiments unfold making it a focal point of tension and peril in the struggle between the protagonists and their formidable adversaries.
A mountain cliff with a building burns from fire
Morath Under Seige
Artist Unknown
Three dragons fly through a mountain pass towards a building in the mountain
Wyvern Training at Morath
Dragons fly in between snowy mountains
Wyverns Take Flight
Artist Unknown