Evolving Covers & Their Artists
Learn more about the unique eras of the Throne of Glass covers
Book featuring a close up of Aelin
2023 Release - Jim Tierney
Released earlier this year, the new series covers were designed by Illustrator Jim Tierney. You may not recognize his name, but you’ve definitely seen his work, notably The Alchemist and Dune.
Magical sparkles
2014 Release - Alessandro Taini
Alessandro Taini, also known as Talexi, is an Italian artist, primarily known for his art direction in video game, and as an illustrator for many bestselling fantasy book covers.
New modern covers showing the entrance to a castle with a silhouette of Aelin facing it
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Aelin walks towards the reader holding a sword in her black leathers
Original Cover - Sarah J Maas
The original cover was designed by Sarah J. Maas herself. Readers have often commented on the fact that the Celaena depicted on this version has a lot of similarities with the author leading them to believe she has cast herself as the main character.
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